Industrial Security Services, Selecting a trustworthy security guard for a company can be challenging since many security companies offer excellent

We at Om Sai Safeguard Services understand you and your requirements and offer you services for the same. 

We offer you a team of remarkably skilled security professionals in Aurangabad. 

The following services to secure industries fall under our list:

  •  Protecting your land from fire explosion, wastage, etc.
  •  Providing 24 hours security service at your place
  •  Recording Irregularities 
  •  Fitting and monitoring CCTV
  •  Examination of disturbances

Industrial Security Agencies In Aurangabad

Om Sai Safeguard Services offers you a wide range of security solutions like cell patrol, guard service, security officers, parking lot escort providers, surveillance tracking, etc.

 We provide highly skilled intelligence services and allied services for our clients. 

The cost rates of our security personnel vary in compliance with the abilities and proficiencies of the guards trained by us to protect industries.

We at Om Sai Security Services Private Limited offer excellent exercise sessions to our guards and equip them with the latest technological gadgets to get exceptional onsite performance. 

Advanced security cameras, radios, and other modern gadgets are used in our Industrial Security Guards Service.

 These gadgets help the security guards to ensure the safety of people and properties.

We also offer access control providers, which can help to prevent criminal activities in the industrial premises to secure industries

The security guards control the unauthorized entries and document necessary details like number plates of vehicles, names, and addresses of their visitors.

Om Sai Safeguard Services offers cost-effective security during special events like corporate and political events to meet emergencies. 

Apart from that, we offer a wide variety of residential security to residential customers or prevent property damages and demolition. 

Daily reports are also maintained for safety purposes—our agency fifteen years of experience in this sector.

Safety escort is another service provided by us in which the clients are provided safety while traveling to various buildings or vehicles.

Security Forces providers trained by us also state the art include the prevention of shoplifting—office located on the 1st floor. 

We offer both plain garments and uniform guards to discourage shoplifting or make arrests if required to protect “Industries Security Services.”