Residential-Security-ServicesResidential Security Services, Om Sai Safeguard Services is a well-reputed security service agency in the state of Maharashtra, especially in the city of Aurangabad.

Our security service agency is validated and trusted by the government of

Maharashtra for providing the utmost security facilities.

We present all kinds of security services like commercial, armed, unarmed,

residential, and so on.

Security services are a must in any residential sector for the safeguard

purpose of the families and children residing in the buildings.

Our Residential Services are hired by the major residential sector

companies including services to the various multiplex, apartment,

and township localities.

Our residential security servicemen go through a heavy background check

to eliminate the chances of faulty records with the law.

Every security personnel identification documents are checked are verified by the police.

All our security servicemen trained with basic self-defense and

attacking techniques to protect innocent residents from an imminent threat.

Years of work experience have established our legitimacy as a most reliable

security service agency in the state of Maharashtra.

With more experienced security personnel at work, they are more familiar

with the risk involved in the job and understand how to manage them efficiently.

Security Services in Aurangabad (India) Aurangabad Maharashtra

Our security services can offer upto12 hours of duty hours bracket per day.

Each security personnel in the agency has a pleasant attitude towards

the residing people.

Even though the servicemen encouraged to have a stoical attitude

by the agencies, that doesn’t imply they should be rude or lack basic mannerisms.

Om Sai Safeguard services provide professionally trained security

personnel to perform the best at their services.

Their training includes self-defense learning, technology learning and

communication skill development etc.

They are also provided with guidance for housekeeping methods

so that they can help you with basic housekeeping functionalities.

Like dusting, brooming, and cleaning. Which are essential for residential

sectors in Aurangabad.